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The history of Sirmaur Hills Public School provides a fascinating peep into the unfolding history of Sirmaur, intertwined with the making of modern Himachal Pradesh. Sirmaur Hills Public School, Nahan was established in 2003 by Renu Tomar, a visionary educationist. It is one of the newest of the school’s in Sirmaur founded for the education of the youth.

Principal’s Message

The Sirmaur Hills Public School Journey.

The Sirmaur Hills Public School is a journey of self-discovery for a young child as they grow to a young adult. We are academically selective and successful candidates will need a high level of academic ability. However, we also consider a child’s character and attitude, because we want children with energy and purpose who will take advantage of the vast array of opportunities on offer at Sirmaur Hills Public School.


Sirmaur Hills Public School is a progressive and academic school. These characteristics are all reflected in the academic curriculum which is complemented by a full and wide-ranging co-curricular programme and a well-established and successful framework of pastoral care. Each of the three Divisions of the School (Lower, Middle and Upper) has its own distinctive curriculum. It is our aim to provide material which is appropriate for our high-achieving pupils and to embrace the best of what is new in education whilst guarding the best aspects of past tradition.

Career Development

The purpose of the ‘Career Development Centre’ is to enable students to think about their Careers from an early age, provide them with an opportunity to explore the various career options available to them and guide them to take informed decisions. Act as a bridge between students’ aspirations and parent”s considerations. Thus helping them to have a happy and successful career!

Games and Sports

All students will be physically educated, having motor skills to perform a variety of physical activities and pursue a healthy and active lifestyle in an increasingly changing world.The purpose of the physical education programme is to contribute to each student’s growth and development in the physical, mental and social aspects through an activity based curriculum.



The school is equipped with a 26’ 5” X 23’ sized library with books, reference books and periodicals. The school also provides a newspaper. Sirmaur Public School intends to enrich the School Library with a variety of books both in Hindi and English.The Audio Visual Room has a CD library of about 2-3 subject wise CDs. These AV rooms also have the smart board and computer equipped with the entire curriculum in the Audio visual form of interesting and interactive modules.

Latest Updates.

Each child plays organised games for thirty minutes a day, five times a week, under the supervision of a teacher. The junior and primary children are divided into sets and games are played according to the season. Besides, enough time is allowed for the child to play on their own, to be inventive and to learn how to occupy themselves independently. Students also learn kabaddi from a trained instructor.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Some social service projects are school-based and some others are undertaken by Indivisuals. Students themselves raise funds for these projects, rather than use their parents’ money. Students deploy their knowledge of business theory learned in the classroom and apply...

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A story telling Competition was held on the 23rd of November 2019 in the junior school (Classes 3, 4 & 5). The main aims of the competition were Promoting creativity Promoting thinking skills Enhancing analysis and evaluation skill. Developing communication...

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Latest Update

Latest Update

The school shall close for Christmas Holidays from 25th of December till 31st of December, 2019. We will welcome the students on the first day of the new year in 2020. A card making competition will be held. Sirmaur Hills Public School students will participate in...

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Our Topper (2018-2019).

Our Achivement.

Sirmaur Hills School aims to inculcate best values in a student. To achieve this, we provide most educated and experienced Teachers. Modern Teaching methods and exposure to multiple sport activities. Sirmaur Hills School students have won awards and prizes in pan India events. A video link to showcase our activities and achievements :