Rules and Regulations

  1. Students must come 5 minutes before 8 o’clock to school .
  2. Students has to wear  summer uniform from 1st April to 31st Oct.
  3. Students has to wear winter dress from 1st Nov. Till  March 31st  .
  4. All students must come to school with proper hair cut, nail trimmed , shoes polished and with pressed dress .
  5. Parents or guardians are not allowed to visit the classroom during school hours they can only contact the office .
  6. Students will not be allowed to leave the school during school hours. Only  ill children will be allowed or only if the leave application is sanctioned by the class teacher in the morning before attendance .
  7. Students have to give the leave application  , otherwise Rs.5/- daily will be charged for remaining absent  without information .
  8. Parents if misbehave with the staff during school hours then the parents have to give the explanation in written for misbehaviour .Then 1st warning  will be given and on 2nd warning the child will be terminated from the school .
  9. In winter Students must wear school jackets from nursery to 1st class and Blazer from 2nd to 10th class which is compulsory .Students above 1st class will not be allowed  to wear the jackets .
  10. Proper School caps ,  school logo , school batch , house logos must be of proper colour as suggested by the school code . No other colour will be allowed .
  11. The home work must be done on time and it should be checked by the parents regularly .For any queries  you can contact the administrative office .
  12. The notebooks and books must be properly covered with brown paper.
  13. The report cards must be given on  time to school before starting of the examinations  if student fails to produce the report card , then new report card will be made and its charges will be charged .